Friday, June 1, 2018

What I Enjoyed This Week: My Summer Learning Plan

A Joshua Tree.  And my kids.  ;)

There are many things about Classical Conversations that I appreciate, and one of my favorites is that it stresses the importance of redeeming the parents' education while we teach our children.  As I educate my children, I discover things that I don't know and wish I did which gives me the opportunity to rectify the situation.  And summer provides an excellent time to work on these items since I'm not teaching my children.  Yes, I do school for myself in the summer.  :)

While some people tackle subjects like math or Latin, I didn't feel the need to dig deeply into any particular subject this year.  But I do want to spend time on several -- about an hour each day.  I came up with this plan:

  • Monday is for math via MathCounts.  I hope to start a group in the fall. 
  • Tuesday for grammar via Our Mother Tongue.  Since I'm tutoring Essentials again next year, I thought a little extra preparation over the summer would be useful. 
  • Wednesday for CC webinars.  With Sarah Beth starting Challenge next year, I would like to learn as much as I can to help with this transition.  Also, I want to do more prep work for Essentials.
  • Thursday is for Teaching the Classics.  This method looks like a wonderful way to look at literature with my children, starting with picture books.  It works with any story!
  • What about Friday?  Fridays are for my home, specifically putting things in order and decluttering.  That's not really educational, but it is therapeutic!

Here's a few other things I enjoyed this week:
  • school is out for the summer!
  • Sarah Beth's birthday.  I had been given a gift card myself, and I had so much fun picking books out for myself at her store of choice Half-Price Books.
  • swimming lessons for Sarah Beth and Daniel.  They're new instructor is wonderfully knowledgeable and amazingly kind.
  • taking the kids to the pool Wednesday evening.  Mary has been wanting to go, so I made the time for it.  And Hannah enjoyed herself, too.
  • As Bright as Heaven by Susan Meissner.  A family moves to Philadelphia so the father can work as an undertaker a couple of months before the Spanish flu of 1918 breaks out.  The part of the book dealing with the flu is wonderfully written especially as it shows how many people were involved and what a big deal this pandemic was from the viewpoint of this particular family.  The last third of the book deals with the consequences, and they are just as hard to deal with as the initial flu.  
  • Classical Me, Classical Thee by Rebekah Merkle.  Another Essentials tutor recommended this for kids moving up into Challenge, so I bought a copy for Sarah Beth.  She hasn't read it yet (unsurprisingly), so I started it.  It's written for kids who are in junior high or high school in classical education, showing them how valuable their education really is and how they will use it when they're grown.  I'm thoroughly enjoying it!
  • doughnuts for breakfast since today is National Doughnut Day!
I'm taking the three little girls to a birthday party tomorrow.  Rachel and Mary are thrilled.  Hannah will have a wonderful time, too.  Other than that, we have a quiet weekend planned which will be nice.

Have you thought of implementing a summer learning plan for yourself?  What did you enjoy this week?  What do you have planned for the weekend?

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