Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Our Truly Terrific Trip to Washington, DC

Mr. Potter with Mary and Rachel.  Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, but he is also very personable.

Do you remember that Civil War history tour we took in Atlanta back in May?  We spent all last week in Washington, DC, on another history tour with Landmark Events.  We had such a wonderful time that I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it was.  I'm already looking forward to our next one -- although it's not going to be any time soon.  It's good to be home!

At Sharpsburg, we had a relay race with flags used in the battle.

On Tuesday, we visited Mount Vernon and learned a lot about George Washington.  Then we made a quick stop at the Washington Monument and then the Jefferson Monument.  These men were extraordinary, and it was great to learn more about them.

Yes, there were Irish who fought in the America War for Independence!  
(That's an interesting story, too.)

On Wednesday, we took the Metro into Washington, DC, which was quite an experience for our children.  We toured the Capitol, the Library of Congress, and the National Archives.  Each state is allowed to send two statues to the Capitol, and it was interesting to see what or whom the states chose.  Of course, the National Archives house the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution along with the Bill of Rights.  It was amazing to see those important documents in real life.

Sarah Beth listened intently to Mr. Potter and enjoyed every minute.

On Thursday, we drove out to the Antietam Battlefield.  Our historian/lecturer Bill Potter has a seemingly inexhaustible amount of knowledge about the Civil War.  He brought to life the battle as it progressed.  Standing on the battlefield, we could almost see the different companies as they charged each other -- and retreated.

Mary at the National Air and Space Museum; she's learning how propellers work to make planes fly.

On Friday, we again rode the Metro into the city, and this time we visited the Spy Museum.  That place is intriguing as you learn about what spies have done in the past and things that are being developed for future use.  After lunch, we met at the World War II Memorial which was impressive!  Then we went on to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial which can really touch your heart as you walk past all of the names of men who died in that war.  After that, we walked to the Korean War Veterans Memorial which was also sobering.  As we walked, Mr. Potter related much information about the wars that isn't common knowledge.  

The girls made friends!

These tours are truly amazing!  Mr. Potter relates how God worked in and through American history to accomplish His purposes.  You won't get that from most history books!  And the information is geared toward children because he wants them to get a feel for history and its importance.  But we adults sure learned a lot, too!  John and I brought home four books, and we plan to get a few more to increase our knowledge.  Sarah Beth and Daniel have already decided about whom they want to write their Essentials papers in the spring:  John B. Gordon and George Mason.  Yes!  We learned about important, but not well-known, men in history.  My children's imaginations were piqued, and I am thrilled about that!

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