Friday, June 30, 2017

What I Enjoyed This Week: More Swimming Lessons

My middle three children had swimming lessons again this week, and once again it disrupted my thoughts of how our week should go.  :)  We're only gone from home for a little more than an hour, but it just throws me off.  I have a hard time settling down later in the day to get things done, so I must admit that I'm glad we're done with the lessons now.  ;)

Sarah Beth had her first swim meet last Saturday, and she did great!  I'm so proud of her!  I wasn't able to watch her swim because I was home with our other children, but John was there.  He said that she beamed when her races were over because she had so much fun.  She hadn't been enjoying her swim team practice lately, but I think the meet reenergized her!

Here are a few other things I enjoyed this week:
  • watching my children work on their swimming skills.
  • the rain.  We've needed it.
  • being indoor for the swimming lessons.  The threat of thunderstorms moved the lessons to the indoor pool which made it much nicer for me, being out of the hot sun.
  • seeing how much Rachel enjoyed diving.  Since they were at the deeper, indoor pool, Rachel and Daniel were able to start learning how to dive, and Rachel loved it.  And she did fairly well.
  • receiving a letter.  That's always fun!
We're looking forward to a long weekend with Independence Day next week.  

What did you enjoy this week?  What do you have planned for the weekend?

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