Friday, April 28, 2017

What I Enjoyed This Week: Two "Problems:" Extra Days and Hannah

With CC ending and Memory Masters being completed, this week felt wide open.  We are usually gone all day on Wednesday, and a good bit of Tuesday is taken with getting ready for CC. When I was planning my week last weekend, I wasn't sure what to do with those two days since they were basically empty from my usual tasks!  A very nice "problem"!

Another "problem" I've had this week is Hannah.  She's at that stage where she is quite mobile, though not walking, and she can open cabinets to play with what is inside them.  That's not a good combination when considering what kinds of things are usually kept in cabinets.  I was complaining to discussing with my mother about this, and she offered a solution.  (My mother seems to get wiser as I get older; how does that happen?)  She suggested I give Hannah one cabinet to play in, so that hopefully she will leave the rest alone.  So I pulled all of our school books out of a cabinet, the cabinet where I also keep the plastic plates and cups for my children so that she can play in there.  But where was I to put the school books?  In the laundry room!  But you saw what a mess it was in there, so I had to clean it out first.  That's how I've spent my extra time this week!  Cleaning out the laundry room.  But I'm pleased with the results, and I hope it will last -- for more than a week.  :)

Here are a few other things I've enjoyed this week:
  • A shorter school day.  With no CC, school takes less time which is lovely since we're counting down the days until summer break!
  • Discovering that Sarah Beth and Daniel are on lesson 96 instead of 86 in math which means that we'll be done with school a little bit sooner than I expected.  Hooray!
  • A baby gate!  Hannah is determined to climb the stairs, and my jerry-rigged attempts to keep her off of them haven't been working.  We finally invested in a baby gate, and so far it's working great!  (Knock on wood and cross my fingers.)
  • Daniel and John feeling better.  They had to cut short their camping trip to Big Bend last weekend because they were sick.  :(
  • Running a few errands yesterday afternoon by myself, getting some things done that are hard to do with five children in tow.  :)
Tonight we have our end of the year program for CC, and tomorrow we have the last soccer games for Daniel and Mary.  After that is John's annual family work party which is great fun for the kids; they look forward to it all year long!

What about you?  What did you enjoy this week?  What do you have planned for the weekend?

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