Wednesday, April 5, 2017

March Reading and Review of Goals

I didn't think I had read much this month until I looked at this list.  I felt like I got bogged down in the biography about Drake and just couldn't get anything else read until I finally finished it.  But I didn't do too badly.  :)

Here's what I read:
  • Sarai by Jill Eileen Smith.  This fictionalized  account of Sarah's life is well-written, and I really enjoyed it. Why did she do what she did?  How did she feel about giving Hagar to Abraham?  Of course, we don't know, but this author did a great job supposing!
  • Cherish by Gary Thomas.  You can read my review of this excellent book here.
  • Sir Frances Drake by John Sugden.  After listening to Under Drake's Flag, I was intrigued by Drake and decided to read a biography.  I slogged my way through this one; it was academic and included many trivial details.  However, I did learn a lot about the New World, Spain, Portugal, and England during the late 1500s, and I did appreciate that.
  • The King's Scrolls by Jaye L. Knight.  This book continues the story of Kyrin and Jace as they try to rescue the King's scrolls and the man keeping them before the evil Emperor gets there first.  This book has dragons which was a fun addition, and it kept my treadmill time interesting and feeling shorter than it really was.  :)
  • Fly Away by Lynn Austin.  Mike Dolan and Wilhemina Brewster are complete opposites.  He loves to have fun, and she is very serious.  She's a Christian, and he is not.  But the Lord puts him on her heart, so she tries to find a way to witness to him.  Meanwhile, Mike struggles to help Wilhemina have fun and enjoy life, as he knows the end of his is coming via terminal cancer.  Such a good book, I'm never disappointed by this author!
  • (un)Natural Mom:  Why You are the Perfect Mom for Your Kids by Hettie Brittz.  God places our children with us because we are the perfect mothers for them.  He knows our strengths and weaknesses and pairs them with our children to give them what they need.  No, we don't do things perfectly, but He knows this, too, and can use our mistakes to help our children grow as they should.  None of us does everything that we think every other mother does well.  I don't do crafts with my children, and this book helps me not feel guilty about that.  There are mothers who do lots of crafts with their children, and that's great!  God uses what we have.  There's a neat assessment you can do online (free!) to tell you what kind of mother you are.  I'm a Boxwood, and that chapter described me to a tee.  
We had a busy month in March!  My mother was here for a week, John took the oldest four children camping, and we had at least three soccer games every Saturday along with practice almost every evening.  It makes me tired just thinking about it!  :)  Here's how I did with my yearly goals:
  • I want to run two 5Ks.  I ran the first one in March, so one down, one to go!
  • Fun School Days.  We were supposed to celebrate pi Day, but my mother came into town that day, and we were too excited to see her to celebrate.  :)
  • Hospitality:  having other mothers and children over for games and such.  We were just too busy.
  • Hospitality:  we also used to have families over for supper one night each month, and we need to get back into doing this again, too.  We were too busy this month -- and probably will be again next month.
  • Date night.  It wasn't really date night, but we did go out by ourselves one morning to shoot.
  • Get comfortable enough with my handgun to go shoot by myself.  Getting there.
April looks to be busy, also, as Sarah Beth, Daniel, and I will be spending every spare minute reviewing their CC for memory masters.  Basically, they will have to recite every piece of information they've learned all year at one time, four times.  There are seven subjects and 24 weeks, so you can do the math to see how impressive this feat is!  My goals are:
  • Review and test for Memory Masters.
  • Increase my speed on the treadmill to work toward running my next 5K a little more quickly.
  • Get as much school as possible done, so our summer break can get here faster!  :)
  • Fun School Day.  If I can get my act together, maybe we'll celebrate Jelly Bean Day on the 22nd.  
What have you read lately?  How are you doing with your goals?

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