Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Honor the Sabbath to Keep it Holy -- Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about the Sabbath, things we should avoid.  Today I will tackle the question, "What can we do, then?"

First of all, remember that the Sabbath Day is supposed to holy, that is, set apart.  You should do things on this day that you don't do the other days, especially things that honor and please God.

First of all, you should attend church.  As Hebrews 10:25 says, we should not forsake meeting together, as some people do.  God wants us to worship Him corporately in church, and Sunday is the only day we can do that.  Yes, I understand that some churches have meetings on Wednesday evenings, but it's not a worship service.  It's not church.

Skipping church to spend time with your family, I don't think God appreciates that.

Of course, there are some times that you just can't make it to church, like when you have a sick child. God understands that.  When you're traveling, it's hard to make it to church, too.  I'm talking about normal Sundays.

Here are a few other things that you can do on Sunday:
  • Spending time with family.  I try to play games with my children on Sunday because I enjoy spending time with them, and we don't usually have time for games during the week.
  • Hobbies.  I don't see any problem with things like reading and knitting, as long as it's something that you enjoy and doesn't feel like work.
  • Napping.  Other than attending church, is there anything better to do on a day of rest?  :)
Now I'll be honest with you.  I do tend to a little bit of work on Sundays in order to start my week off nicely without a lot of work left over from Sunday.  After cleaning up after supper, I may start a load of laundry or make sure the kitchen is good and straight, just so that these things aren't hanging over my head all night and so I don't have to deal with them first thing on Monday morning.  A head start, so to speak.  But I don't do much; generally, it takes me about half an hour and it comes after I've spent most of the day resting and honoring the Sabbath.

What kinds of things do you avoid on Sunday?  What do you like to do?

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