Friday, January 6, 2017

What I've Enjoyed the Past Three Weeks

My little mess-maker!  

I've thought about writing an enjoyment post the past couple of weeks, but I was having too much fun enjoying my family!  So this will have to do.  :) Here are just a few of the things that I enjoyed these past three weeks:
  • having John home a lot more than usual for the weeks around Christmas
  • seeing how excited our children were opening their gifts
  • the Christmas Eve service at church
  • going to church on Christmas Day.  It feels right to celebrate Jesus' birth by going to church.
  • spending time with friends:  we had two invitations, one for swimming (yes, it was warm enough for that!) and one to play
  • a week off school.  We only took a week off because I thought we were behind, and I wanted to catch up.
  • When I refigured, I realized that we're a little bit ahead.  Hooray!
  • playing games with my children.  They were given Ticket to Ride, and I've enjoyed playing that with Sarah Beth, Daniel, and Rachel.
  • making dryer balls from wool yarn.  I had never felted anything before, so I found it fascinating to see how the wool felted when I washed it.  
  • staying home and going to bed early on New Year's Eve.  :)
What have you enjoyed recently?  How was your Christmas and New Year's?

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