Thursday, January 12, 2017

What I Enjoyed This Week: A Cold Weekend

We had some really cold weather (for here) last weekend.  With highs in the 40s, we almost didn't know what to do.  :)  But John built a fire in our fireplace to keep us warm, and we were so appreciative.  That was Friday and Saturday, and then it warmed up to 70 on Monday.  Our crazy Texas weather!

Here are a few things I enjoyed this week:
  • The cold weather.  Yes, really.  I enjoy a touch of cold weather occasionally; I just don't want an actual whole winter of it.  :)
  • We started back to CC this week.  We had a nice break, but it was great to reconnect with our friends.
  • Being able to send the kids outside again.
  • Hannah is learning to get down after standing up!
  • Manicotti!  I usually order this dish when we go out to our favorite Italian place, and I figured I'd see if I could make it at home.  I won't link to the recipe I used since I didn't follow it exactly, and it wasn't great.  But I plan to look for another recipe and try again since most of us enjoyed it!  (Two of my children asked for seconds which is HUGE!)
What did you enjoy this week?

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