Monday, January 30, 2017


As you know, Hannah has learned to climb a couple of stairs.  (We haven't let her get any farther than that!)  As you can imagine, we don't want her to climb stairs yet because we are afraid she will fall.  So we've started putting an ottoman in front of the stairs to keep her off them.

The other day, Hannah started fussing at me when I moved the ottoman to barricade the stairs as she headed for them.  I saw Daniel watching and told him that I'm a "mean, old mommy, aren't I?"  He started to say "yes," but then he thought about it for a moment.

Then he said that no, I'm not because I just want to keep Hannah from getting hurt.


So I explained that there are things his daddy and I won't let him or his sisters do for the same reason -- we don't want them getting hurt.  But to them, we look like mean, old parents.  He pondered that for a minute, too.

Then it hit me.  God does the same thing!  He keeps me from situations where I might get hurt, but to me it looks like He's keeping me from something good.


The more I learn about raising children, the more I learn about my loving Father!

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