Friday, December 16, 2016

What I've Enjoyed This Week: A Five Year Old

I love seeing them do things together!

Tuesday was Mary's birthday, and she enjoyed almost every minute of it.  We don't have big parties, but we do try to celebrate each person on his birthday, letting him choose most of what we do on his special day.  Birthdays only happen once a year, right?!

John usually takes birthdays off work, and that helps make the day even more special.  Mary wanted doughnuts for breakfast, then we headed to the Lego store for her to pick out some legos.  That has become a birthday tradition.  :)  Daniel and Rachel took advantage of being at the lego store to buy some new sets, too, with their own money.  For lunch, Mary wanted a hamburger from Wendy's which was at the mall.  When we arrived home, all four older children became engrossed in the new legos, Sarah Beth helping put together Mary's new set.  For supper, we had spaghetti and meatballs, Mary's favorite.  She didn't want me to bake anything for her dessert; she wanted a clown face cone from Baskin Robbins.  Whatever.  John picked up an ice cream cake for the rest of us.  :)

Here are a few other things I enjoyed this week:
  • the cooler weather.  I'm always glad for some cooler weather -- as long as I don't have to be out in it!  ;)
  • Christmas cards.  "Real" mail is always fun!
  • less school.  We're still slogging our way through it, but we're doing the bare minimum!
  • staying home Wednesday and Thursday since we were gone so long on Tuesday
  • a new recipe:  Slow-Cooked Loaded Potato Soup.  My children weren't big fans, but I enjoyed eating the leftovers all week for lunch -- especially with this cooler weather!
What did you enjoy this week?

John and I plan to do some Christmas shopping this weekend, and he's taking our older two children to help distribute food to the needy.  What do you have planned?

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