Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What We're Using This Year in Our Home School

Since I enjoy reading about the curricula that others use in their home schools, I thought I would share what we're using in case you're interested as well.  It's our sixth year to homeschool; we began when Sarah Beth was in kindergarten.  I have to admit that I haven't enjoyed every single moment, but I have appreciated how much we have all learned together.

Classical Conversations.  This program overarches almost everything we do.  Our science and history are based on what we're learning in CC, although we're learning lots of other things, as well.  This year is the fifth for Sarah Beth and Daniel, the third for Rachel, and the first for Mary.  It's our second time for Cycle 2.

As part of CC, Sarah Beth is in the Essentials class where she learns how to write using Institute for Excellence in Writing and how to diagram sentences.  She also practices her math facts.

Bible.  We're going through Proverbs I Study Guide from Generations with Vision.

Saxon Math.  We've used Saxon math since Sarah Beth was in kindergarten.  I appreciate how Saxon teaches math concepts with loads of review and time in-between new ideas to give children time to learn them well.

History.  We're studying the Middle Ages in CC, but I wanted to supplement that.  When I discovered that Heirloom Audio had a history curriculum based off The Dragon and the Raven, I snatched it up!  We love these CDs, and it's fun learning more about one of them.  In order to make the most of this curriculum, I'm supplementing with books from the library.

Spelling.  I'm using Spelling Plus with Sarah Beth and Daniel.

Science.  We read books from the library to learn more about what we're studying in CC.

What are you using this year?

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