Friday, September 2, 2016

What I Enjoyed This Week: New Glasses and Ice Cream

Last weekend, we traveled to Louisiana for a family reunion.  This time, it was John's mother's family who came together.  Being gone all weekend, however, set me behind for the week.  I spent Monday catching up, Tuesday running errands, and Wednesday at CC.  Finally, I feel like I've got some time to breathe -- but it's almost the weekend again!

Other things I've enjoyed this week:

  • Daniel's glasses.  I don't enjoy the fact that he needs them, but I do enjoy knowing that he can see better now.  It's been fun watching him compare what he can see without his glasses with what he can see with them.  :)
  • Our CC group.  I really enjoy the mothers of the other children and spending time with them.  I also appreciate the hard work the tutors do to get ready to tutor our children.
  • The library.  I'm not sure how many books we checked out earlier this week, but it was quite a few!  I appreciate how my children can pick out random books that they might enjoy, and then we can check them out.  If we don't like them, it's not a big deal; we just take them back!
  • Naps.  While I did take one earlier this week (and it was lovely!), I'm actually talking about Hannah's naps.  She has started rolled over, so sometimes she rolls over so she can't sleep.  Then I have to roll her back over, and sometimes she misses a nap because it happens so much. Even though she's my fifth child to do this, it's still a little stressful for me when she doesn't nap.  
  • A new lego catalog.  I've enjoyed watching my three oldest daughters gather around the magazine, dreaming about what they will request for their birthdays and/or Christmas.  Mostly, I enjoy seeing them sitting together, spending time together.
  • Ice cream.  Did you know that Baskin Robbins prices their regular scoops at $1.31 on the 31st?  Well, Wednesday was the 31st, and we enjoyed less expensive ice cream!  We're looking forward to Halloween because it's the next 31st and therefore cheap ice cream!
What did you enjoy this week?

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