Friday, September 23, 2016

What I Enjoyed This Week: Hannah Taking a Bottle

I have been busy this week weaning Hannah.  Well, maybe "busy" isn't quite the right word.  But we've been working on it, and she's doing great.  I usually take about a month to wean my babies because slow seems to work best -- at least, for me.  :)  I am weaning Hannah a little earlier than I usually wean, but she's losing interest in nursing:  she wants to look around while eating, and it's hard to do that while nursing.  Honestly, I'm amazed at how quickly she took to the bottle, especially since three of my other children refused to take a bottle.

Here are a few things I've enjoyed this week:

  • How quickly Hannah has adapted to drinking from a bottle.
  • The possibility of leaving Hannah with John or a babysitter and not worrying about her getting hungry while I'm gone.  :)
  • I must admit that I don't enjoy washing bottles or buying formula.  
  • Watching hummingbirds outside our kitchen window.  Their amazing flight never gets old!
  • Having Sarah Beth's paper due a week early.  I misunderstood her assignment schedule, so we worked hard to get it ready for CC, only to find out that it's not due until next week.  Whoohoo!  We just need to add a couple of "because clauses" (for those of you familiar with IEW), and we'll be done!
  • While I didn't really enjoy going to the pool on Monday, I did enjoy seeing how excited my children were and how much fun they had.  
Tomorrow Sarah Beth and Daniel have soccer games, but this time they're at different times!  So all of us will be able to see both games.  While I'm looking forward to seeing Daniel play (since I missed his game last week), I have to admit that spending all morning in the sun at the soccer fields is going to be exhausting.

What have you enjoyed this week?  What do you have planned for the weekend?

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