Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Forgotten Post: My August Reading and Goals

I completely forgot about this post until this past weekend when I remembered that I hadn't written about the books I read in August or even how I did with my goals.  Oops!  Since it's just the first week in September, however, I think it's still okay.  :)

Here are the books I read:
  • Patrick Henry by Thomas Kidd.  I learned much about about this Founder of our country through this biography.  I was most surprised to learn that Henry fought against the Constitution, thinking it gave the federal government too much power and took too much from the states.
  • The Five Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell.  This excellent book shows how to love our children better, in ways they understand more.  It also shows how to discipline our children more effectively, and even how their love languages affect their learning.  
  • Mama Needs a Do-Over by Lisa Pennington.  This book is filled with practical advice to show us how to take a problem and use the gifts God has given us to make it better.  We can't solve all of our problems, but we can make them better.  Also, the author shows us how to take a bad situation or a bad day and turn it around into a good one.
  • Dr. Seuss:  Young Author and Artist by Kathleen Kudlinski.  Sarah Beth recommended this book to me, and I enjoyed reading about the legendary children's book writer.  I learned some interesting things about his life, like where he got some of the inspiration for his stories.  
  • Heaven:  A World of Love by Jonathan Edwards.  This short, little book has amazing information in it about how wonderful Heaven will be.  I'm even more eager to see Heaven now!
  • To Darkness Fled by Jill Williamson.  The second in the series, this exciting book made the exercise on my treadmill go by much more quickly!
  • How to Manage Your Mouth:  A 30 Day Wholesome Talk Challenge by Connie Hughes.  I highly recommend this book as it takes Scripture and shows what we should be saying, how to say it, and what we should refrain from.  
I didn't do as well with my goals for August as I had hoped, but I'm not too disappointed.  I certainly could have done better, but I also could have done much worse.  :)
  • Start back to school well.  We did, and we settled into a nice routine.  We're doing a new history curriculum which I hope to tell you about soon.  
  • Take my children to the pool once a week.  I did not take my children to the pool a single time, but John took the two little girls (not Hannah, of course) twice.  We were just too busy with school and everything else.
  • Continue using the treadmill four times a week.  I walked/jogged a good bit, but I probably only exercised four times in two weeks.  I couldn't get motivated the week John was out of town, and there were other times when things happened.  
Here are my new goals for September:
  • Take my children to the pool twice.  Let's make it realistic.  :)  I know I won't take them weekly.  
  • Continue exercising, getting in shape for a 5K.  I heard about a 5K in town at the end of October, so I plan to run this.  My goal for the 5K is just to run the whole thing like I did last time.  Since it's near Halloween, they would like for us to wear a costume; I told John I would dress as a homeschooling mother of five.  He thought that was funny.  
What have you read lately?  How are you doing towards any goals you've made?

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