Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Four Tips to Make it Easier to Return to "Normal" Life after a Vacation

All tuckered out from the beach.

We returned from a wonderful week at the beach last weekend, and after we unpacked the car, I started thinking about what I needed to do to get us back to "normal."  And I realized that I didn't have much to do.  Since we arrived home at 8:00 pm, I was glad!  But what did I do to put myself in such a nice position?  Here are a few things:
  1. Washed all the laundry before leaving.  I really did this so that we would have the clothes we needed for our trip, but when we got home, the clothes were still clean.  :)
  2. Washed the laundry before we came home.  While still at the beach house, I washed all of our vacation laundry.  I just had to unpack the suitcases, put away my clothes, and have the kids put theirs away.  So much easier than having to wash as soon as we got home!
  3. Cleaned and straightened the house.  Isn't it nice to walk into a clean, neat house when you get home from vacation?  I took a few minutes to straighten and do a little cleaning.  You don't have to do a deep clean, but if you can, you'll appreciate it when you get home.  :)
  4. Had breakfast food ready.  I had made extra muffins before we left and froze them, so we just pulled them out of the freezer for breakfast the next morning.  We didn't have any milk, but the kids survived on water.  Of course, PopTarts or cold cereal would work, as well.  If you're going to arrive before supper, you might want to think about that, too, unless you just want to eat out.  
What do you do before you leave for vacation in order to facilitate your return to "normal"?

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