Friday, June 10, 2016

What I Enjoyed This Week

One of our neighbor's yards, not a pond.

This week has been absolutely crazy!  It rained tremendously in the Hill Country of Texas, overflowing the Brazos River.  Maybe you heard about the flooding in Houston?  Well, we live downriver from Houston, and our turn came this week as all of that water flowed down to our area.  While we didn't flood, we were afraid that we would, and several houses in our neighborhood did.  We voluntarily evacuated Monday evening, but we were able to move back in on Wednesday.

There was a lot this week that I didn't enjoy.
  • I did not enjoy seeing flooding so near us.  
  • I did not enjoy watching the Brazos River rise, knowing that it was making its way closer to our home.
  • I did not enjoy moving into a hotel for two days, fearing that our home would flood.
  • I did not enjoy seeing so much of our neighborhood under water. 
However, there was still much this week that I did enjoy.
  • I enjoyed knowing that God is sovereign over everything, even flood waters.
  • I enjoyed coming home to a dry house!
  • I enjoyed having a safe place to spend the night even if it was a little loud.
  • I enjoyed having my mother here for a few days.  She was willing to drop everything and fly out here to help this week.
  • I enjoyed knowing that many of my friends were praying for us.
  • I enjoyed watching my children help carry things upstairs cheerfully and willingly, for the most part.
How was your week?  What did you enjoy?  Or not?  ;)

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