Thursday, May 26, 2016

Happy Tenth Birthday, Sarah Beth!

A tenth birthday is a big deal!  Double digits!  We're excited to celebrate this milestone with Sarah Beth today.

One of the big things that happened with Sarah Beth this year was that she got glasses.  I don't think I recounted that story on my blog, so I will now.  She was having trouble seeing long distances, so I took her to see an ophthalmologist.   One of her eyes can see pretty normally, but the other one can't see the "big E."  Her doctor said that she is very lucky -- we know that's not the case; it's all God's grace -- because most people with eyes like that, their brains turn off the bad eye so they don't see out of it at all.  However, Sarah Beth's still worked.  If it hadn't, I think she would have had to wear an eye patch on her good eye to make the bad one work.  We're so grateful to God that she didn't have to do that!

Sarah Beth is a great help with her younger brother and sisters, and she loves to spend time outdoors.

We enjoy seeing our little girl is turning into a young woman, although it does seem to be happening too quickly.  :)

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