Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My Goals for March

Since my goal for February was to have a baby, I achieved that goal.  :)  Hannah is here, and she is a wonderful addition to our family.

I still want to keep things rather simple for March because of the additional work and turmoil that a new baby brings -- along with a lack of sleep, so I'm not making too many goals.
  • Get into a regular routine.  My mother left Monday, so I am on my own now during the day.  She was wonderful help while she was here!  I want to work on getting back to taking care of things:  meal planning (taking advantage of all those meals I froze!) and other household chores -- although I do plan on doing the bare minimum.  I forgot how much time babies take!
  • Get back to doing school.  I took advantage of my mother being here the last two weeks in order to get a little bit of school done.  This week I want to start back with doing everything.  I must admit that I planned a relatively light course load this year since I was pregnant and now have a baby.  
  • I discovered yesterday that my Texas pharmacist license expires April 30th, and I haven't done any of the thirty hours of continuing education I need to renew it.  Oops!  I plan to do one hour of CE every day in March.  While I'm not working right now, there's no reason to let my license lapse.
Those are my two goals for this month.  Maybe I'll be ready for a little more in April.  :)  How are you doing with your goals?

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