Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March Reading -- Two Fascinating Books

I caught Mary reading to a couple of her toys.  :)

I started reading more early this month when a friend asked me if I were reading while nursing the baby.  I wasn't, but it gave me the idea.  So now I read while I nurse Hannah, if I can.  And you can see that I got a good bit read this month!  Two of the books were absolutely riveting -- I couldn't read them fast enough!!
  • Vet in the Vestry by Alexander Cameron.  A vet-turned-preacher relates stories about the animals he cared for along with some tales about the people he ministered to.
  • Secure Daughters, Confident Sons by Glenn T. Stanton.  Tracey from Girls to Grow recommended this book, and I'm so glad that I listened!  I found this book absolutely fascinating as it explored the differences in mothers and fathers, how they raise their children, and how God uses the differences to form secure, confident children.  For example, fathers tend to want their children to climb higher and run faster, while mothers want to keep their children from getting hurt.  Combining these two aspects makes children dare new things within safe limits.  Wonderful book that I recommend highly for all parents!
  • America's Women:  400 Years of Dolls, Drudges, Helpmates, and Heroines by Gail Collins.  This book was also fascinating as I learned about women in America starting with Eleanor Dare, the first European woman to come to America.  This book is filled with lots of stories about how the colonial women really lived, what it was like to travel out west in a covered wagon, what it was like to live in a soddy house, or to be a flapper.  This author must have done a TON of research to find all of these stories, and I enjoyed this library book so much that I want my own copy!
  • Spark Joy by Marie Kondo.  You can read my review here.
  • Emily Climbs by L.M.  Montgomery.  In this sequel to Emily of New Moon, Emily goes away to high school and has more adventures there.
  • Emily's Quest by L.M.  Montgomery.  In the third book in the Emily trilogy, Emily gets to work on her life work:  writing.  Will she succeed?
  • Dressed for Death byJulianna Deering.  A fun, murder mystery in a historical setting, you can read my review here.
What have you read lately?

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