Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekly Update (#3) of January's Goals

I had another productive week last week, trying to get some things finished before we started back with CC this week.  I know that added schooling will make us busier during the day, so I didn't want the distraction of decluttering or making meals for the freezer.  Also, my due date is coming, and I need to spend some time getting things ready for the baby.  :)

Preparing meals.  I made a double batch of spaghetti last week, so half of that is in the freezer.  I also made two more casseroles, divided in half to make four meals.  And I cut up some raw chicken to freeze for a crockpot meal.  I also made four dozen muffins, but I'm not sure they'll last until the baby gets here.  :)

Afternoon schoolwork.  I couldn't get motivated this week for this, I think partly because I was working so hard preparing the materials for science and art for CC for the next six weeks.  But we did out morning school, so don't think we took the week off.  :)

Decluttering.  The end of the 14 day challenge was Thursday, and I was supposed to get rid of 500 things, but I actually threw out or donated 530 things.  Best of all, the donated items have all been taken to their new homes, and the trash has been picked up.
  • Day 11:  Closet.  Since I went completely through my closet (except for two boxes of mementos) two months ago, I decided not even to look in there.  Besides, it's a mess because I've been throwing all kinds of baby things in there to keep it out of the way for now.  And I've recently gone through the rest of the closets in the house, so I tackled the drawers in my bathroom and under my bathroom sink.  I was able to throw away 45 items including samples that I know I will never use.  It's so much cleaner and neater down there now!  It's wonderful!!
  • Day 12:  Car.  I knew there were some things that needed to come out of my car:  CD's that I wanted in the house and the ubiquitous trash.  I counted 45 things that I took out of my car, but I did not count the trash that had accumulated in the trash receptacles since it belonged there -- kind of.  :)  I usually empty those receptacles when I put gas in my car, but my sweet husband has been filling it up for me lately.  So they were kind of full.
  • Day 13:  Dining room.  My dining room is usually pretty spartan, but it was actually a mess last week.  I had to go through all of the CC supplies for art and science for the next six weeks, and that covered most of the dining room table.  And some friends threw me a baby shower last Saturday, and all of their gifts were dumped on the dining room floor.  So I put away what I could from the CC stuff, and I went through all of the gifts, putting things where they temporarily (before the baby comes) belong.  I was able to move 46 things although I actually threw away less than five.  And now all of the CC stuff is gone, too, since we had tutor training, and I handed it all over to them.  :)
  • Day 14:  I was supposed to come back to the garage at some point, but I just couldn't get motivated.  Bending over (while eight months pregnant) to pick things up off the floor, moving around heavy stuff, and sweeping the garage out just didn't appeal to me.  :)  So I left the garage for another time.  But I'm not done decluttering!  I spent a few minutes working in my bedside table, and cleaned it out nicely.  I didn't count, however, how much I got rid of since the challenge is technically over. 
I enjoy thinking back over what I accomplished last week.  Our freezer is full of food ready for after the baby comes and lots of our drawers, cabinets, etc. have been decluttered.  I feel so much lighter, like a burden I didn't even know I had has been lifted.  It's a wonderful feeling!
Maybe this week I can work on baby stuff.  :)

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