Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Book Review: Luther and Katharina by Jody Hedlund

Luther and Katharina by Jody Hedlund tells how Martin Luther and his wife Katharina may have decided to marry and fallen in love, taking into account their fierce and prickly personalities.  The book starts off with Katharina escaping from a convent where she had been secluded as a nun.  She was influenced in this decision by some of Luther's writings.  Of course, when they first meet, it is definitely not love-at-first-sight for these two; rather, they have utter disdain for each other.  But as always happens in books like these, circumstances happen to cause them to change their feelings for each other.

When I saw this book about Martin Luther and his wife, I wanted to read it immediately!  I think the author tried to make it as accurate as possible, using quotes from Luther's letters and works.  However, it just didn't have the ring of reality to me, so I can't highly recommend it, although if you think this book sounds interesting, you may like it.  I did enjoy learning about some of the history and culture of the time, about how the German princes and the Pope interacted during this time, and the many stresses placed upon Luther as he led this fledgling movement.

I want to thank Blogging for Books for my review copy of this book, but my opinions are my own.

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