Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday's Tip: How to Keep Plastic Wrap from Sticking

Recently,  I made a cake for our church's potluck dinner.  After icing it, I put the lid on it, but try as I might, the lid would not go all the way down.  I took it off...and peeled half of the icing off with it.  *Sigh*  So I scraped off the icing and put it back on the cake.

Now I had to figure out what to do?  I needed to put some kind of top on it, but I knew that plastic wrap would do the same thing.  So I had to figure some way to keep the plastic wrap from sticking to the icing, but toothpicks would go right through it.  What would be small enough and light enough?  Finally, I thought about little medicine cups, you know, the ones that come with liquid medications.  What a great idea, I thought.

And you know what?  Those little medicine cups worked wonderfully.  They were small enough and light enough not to hurt the cake, but tall enough to keep the plastic wrap from touching (and sticking) to it.  I actually had a couple of people tell me what a good idea this was, and I thought I would pass it on to you, in case you've had the same problem.

Have you had this problem before?  How do you keep your lids from sticking to the icing?

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