Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thankful Thursday: A Nice, Quiet Week at Home

Pony rides at the party. 

As the title of this post says, we've had a nice, quiet week at home.  As I was planning my week, I realized that we had nothing outside the house to do this week.  It was great!  (Of course, I don't want every week to be this quiet, but it sure was nice for a change.)

The cannon was loud!  We were glad for ear protection.

Here are a few other things for which I'm thankful:
  • one of our local homeschool groups put together something on Texas Military History, and we had a great time learning about weapons used during the War Between the States (aka the War of Northern Aggression)
  • the company for which John works threw a wonderful party on Saturday.  Since it was geared toward children, our kids had a fabulous time!
  • nice weather that isn't too hot...yet
  • the mosquitoes that were bad last week have gone away for the time being
  • my immune system which is working a little too hard these days; my allergies are acting up
For what are you thankful this week?

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