Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday's Quote: When Do I Want my Reward? Now or in Heaven?

I've put Richard Baxter's Saints' Everlasting Rest on hold for a little while because I got a new book that I'm so excited to read.  A Lifelong Love by Gary Thomas is chock-full of good stuff, so you'll be seeing lots of quotes from it in the upcoming weeks.

This quote reminds of Randy Alcorn's Heaven, and I love it!  I appreciate the reminder of where my real treasure is being stored up, and I enjoy the encouragement to store that real treasure up where moth and rust cannot destroy it.
When I live for reward in this life, when I seek primary happiness in the here and now, I'm discounting all the promises of God about what's to come.  Now, certainly, living a godly life produces many rewards in this life.  We rightfully celebrate those rewards and are thankful for those blessings.  But God has told us He is preparing an even better place; He has said that while there are many blessings on this good earth that we can receive with thanksgiving, our ultimate reward won't be found here.  Ultimate happiness and fulfillment won't be found here.  They are waiting for us in the new heavens and the new earth, so at the very least, let's live our lives here remembering the importance of preparing for life there.  (p. 55)
This earth is full of good things, but Heaven has even more, things so wonderful that we cannot even imagine.  Oh, I can't wait to get there and experience it!  And I want to live in such a way that, while I enjoy many things of this Earth, I realize that there is so much more to come!

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