Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday's Quote: ETERNAL Rest

I'm still working my way through Richard Baxter's Everlasting Rest, and I thought I would share another couple of quotes with you.  
The last jewel of our crown is, that it will be an everlasting rest. Without this all were comparatively nothing. The very thought of leaving it would embitter all our joys. It would be a hell in heaven, to think of once losing heaven.
Just think, if we could leave or lose Heaven once we had gained it, what would that do to us?  As Baxter says, it would turn Heaven into Hell.  Leaving the glory of Heaven and the wonder of true fellowship with God would be hell.
What kind of men, dost thou think, would Christians be in their lives and duties, if they had still this glory fresh in their thoughts? what frame would their spirits be in, if their thoughts of heaven were lively and believing? Would their hearts be so heavy; their countenances so sad? or would they have need to take up their comforts from below? Would they be so loth to suffer; so afraid to die? or would they not think every day a year till they enjoy it? May the Lord heal our carnal hearts, lest we "enter not into this rest because of unbelief."
If we had the eternal joy of Heaven to look forward to, how would that change our lives?  Because we have that certain hope, how should our lives be changed?  Should we go through lives with dour expressions, or should we be happy and lively because we know what comes next?  Shouldn't our very demeanors be such that people are drawn to us and to our Savior?  Have you heard the saying that some people have just enough Christianity to makes themselves miserable?  Is that how we live? Shouldn't we live differently in light of the joy that is coming to us?

Do you think often of Heaven?  Do you wonder at the wonderful reward that Jesus is preparing for us and how wonderful it will be to have sweet fellowship with Him all of the time with no taint of sin?  How do you think that should affect the way we live now, today?

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