Monday, March 30, 2015

Family Camping Vacation

We went camping last weekend at Garner State Park.  Despite rumors to the contrary, I have been camping before:  a handful of times as a child and twice as an adult (before we had children).  

When we looked at the map, we saw that there was a trail to Crystal Cave and thought that would be fun.  It was listed as an "extreme" hike, though, so we figured we would turn back if it got too difficult.  

We never did turn back, though; the kids just trooped along, having a great time, even Mary.  This picture was from the trail, but what we walked on wasn't quite that bad...most of the time.  And we were glad that we had hiked the trail, although we'll probably never do it again!  ;)

Rachel tagged along with Sarah Beth and Daniel, following in their mountain goat footsteps.

The trail also took us to Painted Rock where the view was breathtaking.  

Down another difficult, but much shorter, trail behind our campsite, was the Frio River.  This part was very shallow, and John and the kids had a great time playing in it.  (It was too cold for my taste.)

Mary was game for anything and everything!  Except a nap.  ;)

I love this picture!

Here's our campsite yesterday morning before we left.  The kids were in one tent, and John and I were in the other one.  

Saturday morning was cold!  Thankfully, John woke up first and got the campfire and breakfast going, along with some hot water for my tea.  It was nice not to have to deal with breakfast!

We had a great weekend, and we look forward to visiting Garner again!  I have a feeling that this trip was the first of many camping trips.

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