Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday's Quote: Everlasting Rest, What a Glorious Thought!

I've been working my way through The Saints' Everlasting Rest by Richard Baxter, and I have to admit that it is work since it was written over three hundred years ago.  But what I'm gleaning from this piece of literature is worth every minute!  I discovered this gem through reading Randy Alcorn's book Heaven, and I'm so glad that I did!

When we Christians die and arrive in Heaven, we will have rest from our earthly labors.  Isn't that a glorious thought?

The things contained in heavenly rest are such as these: a ceasing from means of grace; a perfect freedom from all evils; the highest degree of the saints' personal perfection, both of body and soul; the nearest enjoyment of God, the chief good and a sweet and constant action of all the powers of body and soul in this enjoyment of God.
Read that paragraph again?  Doesn't that sound wonderful?  To be perfected in body and soul, to be free from all evils, and to have continuous, sin-free interaction with God?!
Still more, this rest will be absolutely perfect. We shall then have joy without sorrow, and rest without weariness. There is no mixture of corruption with our graces, nor of suffering with our comfort. There are none of those waves in that harbor, which now so toss us up and down. Today we are well, tomorrow sick; today in esteem, tomorrow in disgrace; today we have friends, tomorrow none; nay, we have wine and vinegar in the same cup.
Everything good will be untainted by anything bad!  This thought is so wonderful that I can't even imagine it!
We shall also rest from all the toils of duties. The conscientious magistrate, parent and minister cries out, "O the burden that lieth upon me!" Every relation, state, age hath variety of duties; so that every conscientious Christian cries out, "O the burden! O my weakness, that makes it burdensome!" But our remaining rest will ease us of the burdens.
And we will get to lay aside our burdens and responsibilities.  As a homemaker, I feel like my job is never done:  there is always laundry to do, meals to make, dishes to wash.  There will be work in Heaven, I'm sure of it, but it will be without any of the burdens that our work here has.

As I continue reading this book, it makes me long more and more for my "everlasting rest."  To God alone be the glory!

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