Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Rachel's Clean Bill of Health and No More Methotrexate!

This week has been not-quite-crazy busy.  It started over the weekend when we were out of town for John's brother's wedding, and we didn't get back until late Sunday night.  I had a dentist appointment Monday afternoon, and since I had a babysitter, I ran a couple of other errands, as well, while I was out.  So I was gone all afternoon.  Tuesday was our homeschool co-op and then Teachers' Night Out for homeschooling mothers.  Yesterday, Rachel had a doctor's appointment up in Houston, and we visited the Lego Store beforehand which was fun.  And today, we're heading back to Houston to pick up family who is coming into town.  John is taking tomorrow off, and who knows what we'll end up doing.  No wonder I'm so tired!

But this week is also full of things for which to be thankful:
  • first of all, for Rachel's clean bill of health...
  • and that we get to stop giving her methotrexate!
  • that family is coming into town
  • clean teeth :)
  • supper out with friends
  • new friends
  • a babysitter who can come during the week
  • children who didn't expect us to buy them something at the Lego Store although they would have been disappointed, I'm sure, if we hadn't.  (How do you visit the Lego Store without buying anything?)
Mostly, I'm thankful that God chose me before the foundations of the world to be His (Ephesians 1:4), but how wonderful that He didn't stop there!  He lavishly bestows all kinds of good things on me every single day!

For what are you thankful this week?

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