Friday, September 19, 2014

Finished Object Friday: A Blanket for a Friend

John works with a couple that he wanted me to meet, and finally it worked out for us to have them over for supper.  I enjoyed meeting them and started having lunch with the wife occasionally (I've mentioned lunch with a new friend on here a couple of times).  They didn't have children, but it sounded like they wanted one fairly soon, so I wasn't surprised when John told me that she was pregnant.  I made this blanket from Our Best Knit Baby Afghans and gave it to her Wednesday when I had lunch with her...before she moves away.  :(  Her husband took a new job, and they're moving.  :(

I actually made this blanket before the other one, but I ran out of the pink yarn for the border.  And I really wanted to get the first blanket made before my friend moved away, so I put this one on hold.  Then I finally got the pink yarn I needed and finished the blanket.  You might recall that I made a similar blanket earlier in the year, but in boy colors.  This pattern is from Knit Baby Blankets.

This silly girl "photo-bombed" the picture I was trying to take of the striped blanket!  She's a cutie, too, isn't she?

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