Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thankful Thursday: School Starting Back Part 2

Rachel was very excited to start CC for the first time this year now that she's four.  Mary just wanted to be in the picture, too.

This week, I have several things for which to be thankful:

  • We started our new Classical Conversations group... 
  • that is right here in our town!  It only takes us five minutes to get there instead of the fifty from last year.
  • In that CC group, there are women with whom I feel like I might connect and make friends, and my children have already made some new friends.
  • Friends who don't live very close but who make the effort to keep in touch.
  • A sweet husband who is trying to lighten my load during this hard time and who shows me grace when I fall behind on things.
  • A field trip today with good friends.
  • A leftover piece of cake waiting for me in the freezer.
  • And, of course, my Lord and Savior without Whom I would receive none of these gifts because "every good and perfect gift is from above."
For what are you thankful this week?

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