Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday's Quote: Our Understanding of Our Suffering vs. God's Understanding

When suffering comes, we often ask God, "Why?"  Why did this happen to me?  Why did it happen at all?  Why did You allow it?  This quote by Randy Alcorn in If God is Good, deals with these questions and reminds us how we fit into God's plan.
We lack God's omniscience, omnipotence, wisdom, holiness, justice, and goodness.  If we insist we have the right, or even assume we have the capacity, to understand the hidden purposes of God, we forfeit the comfort and perspective we could have had in kneeling before His vastly superior wisdom. 
He is infinite; we are finite.  He is the Creator; we're the creatures.  Shouldn't that say it all? 
While this doesn't answer the question of evil and suffering, it does suggest God's answer is beyond our understanding.  One day we'll know far better than now, but even in eternity, God will still be infinite and we'll still be finite.  (p.342-3)
As Job discovered when he dared to question Him, God won't usually answer our questions of "why?"  But He will remind us of Who He is, who we are, and that He is with us through our pain and suffering.  If God did try to explain to us, we probably wouldn't be able to grasp it with our limited understanding; so we need to learn to trust Him no matter what suffering comes into our lives.

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