Monday, July 7, 2014

Going Through My Library This Weekend

Last week was a busy one for us with CC Practicum on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and then John's birthday was Thursday.  We had swimming lessons the two weeks before that one, so we've been pretty busy lately.  Finally, on Friday we had a day with (gasp!) nothing to do!

I got started going through the library while my children played happily.  It seemed like they were happy to be home, too, for a day of rest.  I started by sorting through my homeschool books by whether we will use them this year or not.  I moved the ones upstairs that we won't need this year to get them out of the way.

Then I started pulling my books to the front of the shelves.  Someone (probably several "someones") keeps pushing them back against the wall.  And I realized that I didn't have enough room for all of my books; some were resting on top waiting for places.  So I pulled a few books out that I would like to read to my children and made room.

Now for the fun part!  Things were still going well, so I decided to tackle my "to read" books.  I probably have about forty books waiting to be read, in three different stacks.  I sorted through them and divided them generally by topic and found places for them to wait to be read in my shelves.

Saturday was another quiet day at home, and I decided to tackle my crochet books.  I've been accumulating them for almost a decade, and I had some that I don't need/want anymore.  Thankfully, there are several people on PaperBackSwap who want these books.  Whoohoo!  More books for me!

Now I smile whenever I walk into my library!  There is an order to my books, and they look so much neater.  However, I do realize that no one else might notice the difference!

In case you're wondering what kind of order I keep my books in, here it is:  Most of my books are alphabetized by author.  I have a section for biographies, though.  There are a couple of other sections, too:  one for John's and my school books, one for my crochet books, and one for Bibles that we don't use regularly.

Did you enjoy this post?  Do you enjoy your books as much as I do?  How do you have your books sorted?

Soon I need to go through my old crochet magazines.  Any suggestions?  Tear out the patterns I like and toss the rest?  Keep the whole thing?

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