Monday, June 16, 2014

What I've Been Doing

I took a spur of the moment trip to visit my parents last week.  We flew my mother in so that she could help me make the drive to Georgia with my children because John was busy with work.  He's been working long hours lately, and it was a good time for me to take a trip.

Here are a few things we did:
  • spent time with family.  I got to see both of my brothers, my sister, and their families.
  • spent time with friends.  One of my friends goes back all the way to when we were little girls!  Laura and I even arranged to meet in Atlanta on my way through.
  • spent tons of time with my mother.   Between the drive to and from Georgia and the time at her house, we had a lot of good, quality time together.
  • swimming.  We went swimming five times which was a great way to prepare for swimming lessons that start today.
And do you know how pictures I took?  ZERO!  Argh!

I also didn't spend much time online, so I need to catch up on all of my blog reading.  We returned home Saturday afternoon, and I've got much to do to get caught up at home, too.

How did you spend last week?

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