Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday's Quote: A Lesson from Dr. Who

Yes, I admit it:  I enjoy watching Dr. Who.  In case you don't know, Dr. Who explores time and space,  generally righting wrongs and saving the human race, and he has done so for almost a least, according to the show.

The other night as I was watching the episode "A Christmas Carol," I heard this quote, and it immediately struck me by how true it is...even though we don't always act like it.

In this scene, Dr. Who enters a room with a woman who has been frozen by a method similar to cryogenesis.  He asks the villain Sardick, "Who is that?"

Sardick replies, "Nobody important."

Dr. Who says, "Nobody important.  Blimey, that's amazing.  Do you know, in nine hundred years of time and space, I've never met anyone who wasn't important before."

How often do we treat others, especially those we won't ever meet again, as unimportant?  But they're not!  Everyone, every single person, is made in the image of God.  And that makes everyone, every single person important.

The other thing that strikes me about this quote is its Truth.  Dr. Who is definitely not a Christian show (although Dr. Who does act as a Christ-figure at times), but the writers can't keep God's Truth from coming through.

No matter where we go, we are surrounded by Truth.  And people who are most certainly not unimportant.

Do you watch Dr. Who?  How have you been amazed at the places where God's Truth shines through?

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