Thursday, April 10, 2014

Helpful Advice from Unexpected Places

I've been having problems with Sarah Beth in school.  Not disciplinary problems, but a hole in her learning that I wasn't sure how to fill.  I've asked a couple of veteran homeschooling mothers about what to do, but their suggestions just didn't fit the situation.  So we continued stumbling along, doing out best.

One day, I complained about discussed this problem with some homeschooling friends, and one of them had an excellent suggestion, one that is helping to fill in the "hole."

In my arrogance, I would not have asked for her advice because this is her first year of homeschooling while this is my third.  But she threw out a suggestion which proved to be extremely helpful.

My point with this story is that you never know where you'll get the best advice...and you never know if the advice you give will be exactly what the other person needs to hear.  If my friend had kept her mouth shut because of her relative lack of experience compared to my relative amount of experience (three years isn't much more than one, really), I would still have my quandary.  But she spoke up, I listened, and my problem now has a solution.

The next time someone brings up a problem that you have a possible solution for, speak up!  And the next time someone tries to offer you advice for a problem you're relating to them, listen up!  You never know how the advice might help the other person.

(Of course, you have to take all advice with a grain of salt, taking into account who is giving the advice and whether they're really someone you want to learn from.)

Have you been in a situation like this?

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