Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy Fourth Birthday to Rachel!

Rachel loves birthdays.  At random times, she will wish one of her siblings or me a hearty "happy birthday!"  I've learned not to correct her (because she doesn't really care that it's not our birthdays) and just wish her a "happy birthday" back.  She's been interested in her birthday since at least the summer.  How do you explain to a three year old when her birthday is?  So I told her that first it would be Mary's birthday, then Christmas, then her birthday.  The day after Christmas, she started asking how many days until her birthday!

Rachel has such a vibrant personality.  When she's happy, everyone around her is happy.  Her giggles are infectious and she loves to laugh.  She does silly things just to get the people around her to laugh.

Rachel surprises us sometimes with her sweet disposition.  She will think to include one of her siblings when it hasn't even occurred to John and me.

You never know what Rachel is going to say.  She's always making up words and calling us by nicknames she's just made up.  The other night, she called me "Mesopotamia and Sumer."

Every night when I tell Rachel good night, she tells me to dream about being a queen.  She loves princesses and queens right now, and since we have three girls, there's a lot of that in our house!

It's hard to believe that Rachel is four years old today!  It's been fun watching her grow so far, and it will be even more fun to watch her continue to develop.

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