Thursday, January 30, 2014

Counting My Blessings: A Wonderful Weekend

This past weekend, I attended a wonderful retreat, the Homeschool Moms' Winter Summit.  There are so many blessings wrapped up in this one weekend that I felt the need to write some of them down.
  • A husband who was willing to keep four young children so I could be gone for two days.
  • Clear roads even though the weather was cold and wet.  (I was afraid I would have to miss it.)
  • Buc-ee's which are everywhere in our area and always clean and stocked with what I need (a map!).
  • A retreat leader who noticed me sitting by myself and found me a group of women to sit with...
  • Who brought me into their group and really made me feel welcome.
  • The encouraging talks because everyone there knows how hard it is to be a homeschool mom.
  • The informative talks which helped us, if we were willing, learn how to be better mothers and wives.
  • A safe trip home before it got dark.
  • A house that wasn't too messy when I returned, and the dishes being done.
I wrote more about my weekend here, and I hope that, if you live in Texas, you will look into this retreat next year.  

How has God blessed you this week?  Have you gone away for the weekend like I did?

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