Friday, December 6, 2013

November Review of Goals

There's only one more month left in this year.  Where did 2013 go?  It's time to be thinking about next year's goals while still trying to finish this year out well.  Here's how I did on my goals in November:
  • Read through my book list.  I didn't get much read this month, and nothing off my "to read" list.
  • Exercise.  I did well the middle weeks, but the first and last -- not so much.  I think I'll blame our Thanksgiving trip for the last week's lack of exercise.
  • Have one fun school day per month.  I don't think I had one this month.  Oops!
  • Take one field trip per month.  I don't think we went anywhere for a field trip.  Wait!  Does horseback riding count?
  • Date night.  Thanks to my wonderful mother who watched our children when we visited, John and I were able to go out all by ourselves.
  • Home improvement project.  Nope.
  • Service project.  Nope.
  • Hospitality.  I had a friend and her children over for lunch one day.  I hope that counts.
  • Work.  I am scheduled to take the Texas pharmacist law test on December 30.  If you get a chance, I would be extremely grateful for prayers this month.  Studying with four children underfoot isn't easy.
  • Have my children do more around the house.  Again, there's nothing specific I can point to, but they are doing more.  
How are you doing with your goals for the year?

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