Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mary!

Mary turns two years old today.  It's hard to believe that my youngest child is two, but like it or not, she is!  All of my children have waited until they turned two to really start talking, and Mary is no exception.  She only has a handful of words, but she has an amazing ability to get her point across without using many (or any!) words.  And she loves to sing; she sings when I get her out of the bed in the morning, when she's waiting for breakfast, while we're doing school, when she's playing,... you get the idea.  And it's all without words!

Mary is my independent child.  When you try to help her with something, she says, "I-do-it!"  It's all one word, and each syllable is stressed more than the last.  Usually, it's nice that she wants to do so much for herself, like when we're leaving the house and she puts her shoes on; but sometimes, it's not so nice, like when I'm in a hurry and she can't figure out how to do something.  Mary is my first child to be so independent, the only one to insist on doing things herself.

Mary also thinks that she is just as big and can do everything that her older siblings can do, like jumping off the stool or unloading the dishwasher.  She hates being left behind or being told that she can't do something.  She is also a big helper; when she spills her apple juice, she gets the cloth, wipes it up, and puts it in the washing machine.

I'm not sure what God holds in store for Mary, but I look forward to seeing how He uses this strong-willed, precocious, fun-loving, smile-inducing, never-a-dull-moment child.

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