Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Goals

Whew!  December flew by!  With our Thanksgiving trip lasting into the beginning of December, and then with studying for my test combined with normal Christmas-time activities, the month seemed to end before I really knew it was here.  And now it's over.

Here's how I did with my goals this month:
  • Read through my book list.  I realized this month that there were a couple of books on my list that I completely forgot about.  Oops!  I'll carry those over to 2014's "to read" list.  I didn't get too much read this month since I spent so much time studying for my law test.
  • Exercise.  I had two weeks of good exercise...and then none.
  • Have one fun day in school every month.  I meant to celebrate Cookie Day (December 5) with my children, but we were still recovering from our Thanksgiving trip.  And I was too busy trying to get some real school done after our Thanksgiving break and before our Christmas break to plan another one.
  • Take one field trip per month.  We made it to the Planetarium again.  That will have to count.
  • Date night.  John and I actually had two date nights this month!  Whoohoo!  First, we attended his work Christmas party.  And we also went out to go Christmas shopping for our children.
  • Home improvement project.  We put up the Christmas tree.  Does that count?  In case you're wondering, it's still up.
  • Service project.  I meant to do something but didn't have the mental energy to plan anything.
  • Hospitality.  It's a busy month for everyone, so we didn't try too hard to have anyone over.  
  • Work.  I took the Texas pharmacist law test yesterday.  If I pass, I'll be able to start looking for a job -- one of my goals for next year.  
  • Having my children do more around the house.  Once again, I don't have too much specifically to point to, but I've been having my children do lots of little tasks around the house that are really helpful.  For example, I've been sending Daniel or Sarah Beth out to lock the chickens up for the night after they roost.  It only takes five minutes, but it's one less thing for me to do.
How did you do this year with your goals?  Have you started working on making your goals for 2014?

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