Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday's Quote: Will Heaven Be Boring?

There are lots of jokes about people not wanting to go to Heaven because they are afraid that they will be bored there.  In fact, they have it wrong.  Heaven will not, cannot be boring.  As Randy Alcorn says in his book Heaven:
Another reason people assume Heaven is boring is that their Christian lives are boring.  That's not God's fault; it's their own.  God calls us to follow Him in an adventure that should put us on life's edge.  He's infinite in creativity, goodness, beauty, and power.  If we're experiencing the invigorating stirrings of God's Spirit, trusting Him to fill our lives with divine appointments, experiencing the childlike delights of His gracious daily kindness, then we'll know that God is exciting and Heaven is exhilarating.  People who love God crave His companionship. To be in His presence will be the very opposite of boredom.   
We think of ourselves as fun-loving, and of God as a humorless killjoy.  But we've got it backward.  It's not God who's boring; it's us.  Did we invent wit, humor, and laughter?  No.  God did.  We'll never begin to exhaust God's sense of humor and His love for adventure.  The real question is this:  How could God not be bored with us?
I want to live a life that experiences God to His fullest here on Earth so that when I get to Heaven, it will just be a continuation.  I cannot imagine the adventures that God has planned for me when I get to Heaven, but I'm looking forward to them!

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