Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Chess Anyone?

Sarah Beth has mastered the games of mancala and checkers, so John taught her chess.  We have a computer program where she and Daniel play, and John and I enjoy watching her because she doesn't quite grasp the point of the game.  Sarah Beth tries so hard to protect her queen, and she wants to cry when she loses a bishop which she thinks are like princesses.  The other day, her king was in check and she had a choice to make:  giving up her king (which really isn't a choice) or sacrificing her queen to save her king.  After studying the board for a minute, I saw that she had one more possible move; she could sacrifice one of her bishops to save her king and queen.  She wasn't happy with the choice, but she made it.  I think she would have willingly given up her king in order to save her queen and bishop, but that wasn't a possible choice.

I wonder how often we get the "game" of life wrong.  Do we sacrifice things that are important in order to save things that we think are important?  Are our priorities skewed?  I wonder.  And I pray that God will help me to make the right decisions in this "game" of life.

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