Thursday, March 28, 2013

Here We Are in Texas!

We're here in Texas, and we have our internet up after almost a week without it.  Our furniture and stuff is coming tomorrow, so we are going to be very busy for the next few days.  And we still don't have a working computer, but I hope that we will soon.  Then I can start writing all these posts that are swirling around in my head...and show you pictures of our new house!  I also need to catch up on all my blog reading.

The kids are doing great, but they miss their routine.  My mother is here helping, or I don't know what I would do.  We are all looking forward to getting settled in our new house and getting back to normal.  But John is so glad to have us all here with him!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Finally, Finally, the Waiting is Over...Almost

I have a confession to make.  I didn't share this with you earlier because I didn't want to publish it on the internet for anyone to read.  It's not that I don't trust you, but I can't be sure who reads this blog.

Anyway, my confession is that John has been in Texas since the beginning of February.  Yes, we have been without a husband and father for about seven looooooong weeks, although I did fly out there to look at a house in February, so I have seen him...once.  But we're driving into Jacksonville today to pick him up from the airport, and we're so excited!

And with John's arrival, things will move into high gear.  Saturday night, we're going out to dinner with some of our friends.  Two couples wanted to have us over this weekend, but we just weren't going to have time for both--unless we combined!  So we're all getting babysitters and going out to eat.  It will be nice for all of us since none of us do this very often.

Sunday will be our last day at our church here, so we will have to say good-bye to all of our friends here.  And my mother is coming that evening to help with our move.

On Monday, the movers are coming, and they will pack up the house Monday and Tuesday.  Then Wednesday morning, we head for Houston.  We plan to stop the night in Louisiana with John's mother and finish the drive on Thursday.

Once we arrive in Houston, we'll head to the rental house where John has been staying.  Friday we will close on our new house, and our stuff will be brought to us the following Friday.  There are repairs that need to be done before we move in, hence the delay.

So we will be a week in the rental house, but my mother has big plans for us:  getting my Texas driver's license, finding the library and getting my library card, things like that.  Sarah Beth, Daniel, and I will continue our co-op; there's a group nearby that we can plug into, and we're excited about that.

As for my internet access, it will be hit and miss, so there won't be any new posts for a while, at least until we move into our new house.  (And I can't wait to show you pictures!) I will be able to check my email and Facebook intermittently, if you try to contact me.

So those are our plans for the next two weeks.  It's sad to be closing out this chapter of life, but it's exciting to be starting a new one!

Friday, March 8, 2013


photo source

I thought you might like a quick post about what we've been doing lately which is...waiting.  We've been waiting for our new life in Texas to start.

Of course, while we wait, we can't let life pass us by.  We've continued on with homeschooling and our co-op; housework and chores don't wait on anything; and we've visited the library quite a few times.  We even took a road trip, but I'm going to tell you more about that when I'm able to upload pictures.  We have enjoyed spending time with our friends here, realizing that it may be a long time before we see them again.  And the house has been looked at by prospective buyers, but we haven't received an offer yet.

Now our waiting is almost over!  We found a house, the movers are scheduled, and our new life in Texas will be starting soon.  Hooray!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Book Review: Love's Complete by Teresa Hull

Love's Complete by Teresa Hull tells the story of one family's adoption of a Russian child.  I don't expect that there are many books about this particular subject, so I was excited to read this one even though we don't plan to adopt a child from Russia.  However, while the pictures are adequate, the writing leaves much to be desired.  The story is written in poetry, but the lines are short and choppy.  I think this book would read better if the lines were longer, and if more information were included.  I had to stop quite often to explain things to my children which I expected since they aren't familiar with the adoption process, but some things could have been explained better.

Would I recommend this book?  Sure, I would recommend it to a family wanting to adopt a child from Russia...if they couldn't find anything better.

I want to thank BookSneeze for my review copy of this book, but my opinions are my own.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March Fun School Day: Dr. Seuss' Birthday

Saturday, March 2, was Dr. Seuss' birthday, and I had it on my schedule as one of our Fun School Days.  After doing a little bit of regular schoolwork (yes, on Saturday), I pulled out our stash of Dr. Seuss books, and we read a few.  Then we watched a DVD with a few Dr. Seuss stories on it, and we followed that with a lunch of green eggs but no ham.  I have to admit that green scrambled eggs aren't very appetizing-looking, but it was kind of a fun thing to try.  I did take a picture, but I have no way to upload it.  We had a good time celebrating this "holiday."

I don't have anything planned for our April Fun School Day; do you have any suggestions?