Thursday, February 28, 2013

January and February Review of Yearly Goals

It's been about a month since I've done any real blogging, and I have really missed it.  It looks like it will be another month or so before I get the computer back, and I just cannot wait that long.  I'm going to try to do a little more posting via the iPad and at the library.  We'll see how it goes.

One of the things I miss the most about blogging is not having any accountability for my yearly goals.  With no accountability, I tend not to do things, unfortunately.  So here is how I'm doing with my goals so far this year, for both January and February.
  • Read certain books.  I've gotten a couple of books read from my reading list.  Hopefully, I will get the reviews written soon.
  • Exercise.  I haven't exercisd since...I don't know when.  I plan to start back after our move.
  • Have one fun day in school a month.  In January, we celebrated Winnie the Pooh Day, but we missed Laura Ingalls Wilder's birthday that we had planned to celebrate.  FYI:  Saturday is Dr. Seuss' birthday.
  • Take one field trip a month.  We visited my good friend Laura for a few days, and we visited a Western art muserum while we were there.  You can see some (really cute) pictures here.
  • Date night.  John and I had one of these both months.  Hooray!
  • Home improvement project.  In January, I finished updating my recipe notebook, and there are a lot of recipes (especially desserts) that I need to try.  I haven't done much this month other than trying to keep the house relatively neat and clean for potential buyers.
  • Service project.  Does it count that I'm cleaning out baby things before our move by taking them to our local pregnancy center?  I also wrote a letter to a man imprisoned for his faith via Voice of the Martyrs.
  • Blogging.  With our computer down, I'm not doing much blogging at all, much less on the weightier topics I was planning to write about.
  • Hospitality.  We had a family over one night in January but not in February.
  • Work.  I need to get my Texas license, and after we move, I can start working on getting a job.
  • Children.  I forgot this goal when I was making my list, but I want my children to do more around the house.  I have another post planned on this topic, but basically, I want my children to build their self-confidence by learning to do tasks around the house.  Lately, they've been helping keep the house neat, but I have also been asking little things from them, such as getting napkins for the family when we eat supper at church, or getting their own dessert.  It's kind of a big deal to walk across the fellowship hall all by yourself!
How are you doing with your goals for the year?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Book Review: A Just Man by Helen Daniel

A Just Man by Helen Daniel takes place during and immediately after the Revolutionary War.  It follows a family as it deals with the routine trials that families had to deal with in that time period.

This book basically tells the conversion stories of several family members, the circumstances God used to bring each one to Him.  While this part of one's life is certainly the most important part, it doesn't make for an interesting book.  There is no real conflict in this book except for when and how each person decides to trust in God, and you already know who is going to do this, so I'm not giving anything away by saying this.  With that said, the book is written well, and the stories flow nicely...they're just kind of flat.

I want to thank BookSneeze for my review copy of this book, but my opinions are my own. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Book Review: The Girl in the Glass by Susan Meissner

Meg has dreamed of visiting Florence ever since she was a child.  First, her grandmother was going to take her, but after she died, Meg's father promised that he was.  Now that Meg is in her thirties, she is starting to give up on her dream...until her father, acting strangely, finally makes the travel arrangements.  While in Florence, Meg makes new friends and discovers things about herself.

This book is another one about someone finding himself.  But it was fun to read, and I enjoyed it.  I especially enjoyed the descriptions of some of the wonderful art found in Florence.  I didn't realize the statue of David was so big, nor did I realize there was so much art gathered in that one city.

I want to thank WaterBrook Multnomah for my review copy of this book, but my opinions are my own.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Birthday, Daniel!

Today is Daniel's fifth birthday, so I had to break my "blogging fast" to let you know.  Daniel is our sweet, caring boy.  He is (almost) always willing to share his toys, and if you're feeling down, he wants to cheer you up.

Of course, Daniel is all boy, too.  He loves to kick and throw balls.  He enjoys taking things apart and putting them back together.  He has an tendency to be agressive - isn't that how God made boys? - which is tempered nicely with his gentle nature.

And Daniel definitely has a silly streak.  I wish I could show you some of the goofy faces he has made when I'm trying to take his picture.

I also wish I could show you how his face lights up when he figures out a new concept in reading or some other aspect of school.

We love our Daniel-boy, and we can't wait to see what plans God has for him.