Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday's Tip: Put Things Where Your Children Can Reach Them

I have to admit that this tip did not come from me; John thought this one up.  Daniel complains of being thirsty fairly often, although I think that a good bit of "being thirsty" actually is the fun of using the water dispenser in the refrigerator.  John and I got tired of getting Daniel a cup so he could get himself some water.  In exasperation one day, John said, "Can we put some cups down where Daniel can reach them, please?"

As the good, submissive (and also exasperated) wife that I am, I did.  Now we have cups for Daniel and Sarah Beth in the drawer with our dishcloths.  Where they can reach them.

Do you have cups where your children can reach them?  What have you moved so that your children can reach?


Tracey said...

What a simple, practical tip - the kind that often escape me, I'm afraid!! Love these simple ideas that make life just a tad easier, for us and our kids!!

aurie good said...

We have a drawer in the kitchen that holds their cups, bowls and plates and snack cups. the girls are responsible for getting their own dishes out for meals and snacks, which has made this momma's life easier :)

Nikki said...

Tracey, that's my goal! I'm glad that you enjoy them...but I'm sure that your girls are big enough to get their own cups and drinks!

Aurie, what a great idea! I may move my kids' plates down into that drawer, too. Yes, I really may.

Nikki @ Simplystriving said...

Yes! I moved down Matty's dishes (he's 4) awhile back and he sets his own place at the table, etc... to the point that I wondered why I didn't do it sooner ;)

I also keep a few mother-approved snacks within reach for him (carrots always cut up on "his shelf" in the fridge, etc... that helps immensely!

Nikki said...

Nikki, I really should take your and Aurie's advice and move my children's plates down where they can reach, too. Why didn't I think of that sooner?

Laura said...

We have plates, cups. bowls, silverware in reach of the children too. It does help a lot!