Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Random Question: How Often do You do Laundry?

Usually, I try to do most of my laundry all on one day. I feel like that way I can devote my chores for the day to sorting, washing, drying, and folding the laundry. However, a couple of weeks ago, something messed up my plan, and I did whites on one day, darks on another, and John's work clothes on a third. It was nice having to fold and put away only one load of laundry on each day instead of having two or three baskets full of clothes waiting for me.

I'm curious. How do you do laundry? All on one day? Or one load a day?


Tracey said...

I actually do two loads every other day! ;) That's what works best for us at this point. It does help that my daughters usually fold and put away at least one of those loads each time.

Nikki said...

Your daughters helping is a big help, I'm sure. My children like to "help," but it gets a little chaotic when they try. However, the older two can and do put away their own clothes which does help.

Laura said...

I usually do laundry 2 days a week (Monday and Friday), but the folding and putting away really spills over into the next day. So I guess that's 4 days a week. :) Thankfully I have lots of hands to do the folding (which they do during our read-aloud time in the afternoon) and putting away. It takes awhile to get it done because my dryer is not high capacity and my washer is. The dryer can't keep up with the washer, so it takes me nearly all day to get 3-4 loads done. So do you like the one-load method well enough to change to that, or do you think you'll stick with doing it one day a week?

Nikki said...

Laura, as they say, many hands makes light work. I've got to get my children folding clothes, but the teaching is hard. It's easier to do it myself. I guess that's true with everything.

I don't know about switching my laundry method. It may just be that I try to do it all on one day, but do one load a day when that doesn't work for the week. Of course, doing laundry on one day doesn't include towels and sheets. Those get done on other days, usually twice during the week (for the towels).

It sounds like you need a new dryer!