Monday, August 27, 2012

Praying for Our Families

On a recommendation from a friend, I've been reading Feminine Appeal by Carolyn Mahaney.  I came across this quote, and it spoke to me.
Therefore, we should be committed to the "good work" of praying for our husband [sic] and children.  And what's more, we should inform them of our prayers.  For what could be more encouraging to the members of our families than having wives or mothers who faithfully intercede? As Charles Spurgeon once said:  "No man can do me a truer kindness in this world than to pray for me."
Of course, we should be praying for our husbands and children; we all know that.  But do we tell them that we are doing so?  Do we ask them, especially our husbands, how we can best pray for them? The other day, I thought, "I don't know what I should pray for John and his work."  Then I realized how I could find out:  by asking him!  Sometimes, I can be so dense.

And do your friends know that you pray for them?  What an encouragement that could be for them, to know that you faithfully pray for them.

I'm sure that you pray for your families and friends, but have you told them that you do so?


Courtney Payne said...

Love this post! I will go ahead and tell you that I will always gladly accept prayers from you for anything!!!

Laura said...

Great post! I frequently don't tell my family that I am praying for least not specifically.

Laura said...

By the way, after fishing another comment out of my spam folder, I've decided to moderate comments now. One of the troubleshooting posts that you linked to suggested that. Apparently I can "re-train" blogger to think that your comments are not spam. After a while I'll switch back to not moderating and see what happens.

Nikki said...

That stinks that you'll have to moderate your comments, but thank you for doing that for me!