Friday, July 1, 2011


Look at this silly girl! She has Sarah Beth's pajama shorts around her neck like a necklace and is carrying the rest of her and Daniel's pajamas around like they are the best toys in the world.

Can you tell that she is walking on her knees? It makes my knees hurt just looking at her. When will this silly child walk? She is seventeen months old, and it is time! She is only getting bigger and heavier, and so am I. *Sigh*

Do you have any suggestions? I tried to bribe her with a pony, but she just smiled at me as if to say, "Why would I learn to walk when I can be carried around like a queen?" *Sigh*

P.S. I have some news to share with you on Monday!


Tracey said...

Love her creative ensemble! My girls tend to "dress up" that way when they're helping fold laundry. They'll dress up in their dad's t-shirts and socks and laugh at how funny they look!

My nephew is nearly twenty months and not yet walking - although he's such a little guy that it's not difficult to carry him!

What could your news be???? Guess we'll find out on Monday! ;)

Nikki said...

Tracey, well, I guess I should be glad that there are older children than Rachel who aren't walking yet, either, but for some reason it just isn't much consolation. Thanks, anyway!