Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday's Tip: Shopping for Birthday Gifts for Your Husband with Your Children

I'm not sure where I got this idea, but I know that I didn't think of it myself. If I read it on your blog, I'm sorry that I'm not giving you the credit you're due. I have completely forgotten where I heard about this. But I do want to pass it on, in case it sounds like fun to you, too.

Sarah Beth and Daniel are getting old enough to understand about buying presents for birthdays and Christmas. But they aren't quite old enough to pick out appropriate gifts, and they definitely don't have any money of their own. (Well, Sarah Beth does, thanks to the Tooth Fairy.) That's where this idea comes in. For my birthday (because it came first), John took the older two children to a dollar store and let them pick out gifts for me. They had a great time looking for something they thought I would like, and it didn't cost John anything but a little time and $2 plus tax. Here is what they bought for me:

Can you tell which child picked out which gift?

For John's birthday, I took them back, and this is what they picked out. They were so cute, and it was so much fun! I'm glad that we've started this tradition. Yes, we're adding a little bit of "junk" to our house, but it sure is worth it!

Again, can you figure out which child picked out which gift?

How do you get your children involved in your husband's birthday?


Laura said...

That is a great idea! I'll bet you and John get some good laughs out of it after the children have gone to bed too. :)

Nikki said...

Laura, you'd better believe it!

Crystal Jeffers said...

actually we dont buy a whole lot of gifts. we repurpose a lot of things that are already around the house, turning it into something else if its broken or building something. Making cards are always in order when a birthday rolls around. We focus on the love that is shown to the person rather then the gift that is given. Often my children will think of things to say without any prompting and will write them down in the card. Its better to pass on the love rather then the clutter.

Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy said...

Great idea. I just happened to be at Target last week with two of my children, and their sister had a birthday later that week. They asked if they could buy her a gift; I let them each pick out something for her from the dollar spot.

I was floored at how much happiness they all got from those $1 gifts! The givers loved to choose the gift, wrap it, give it to her (and play with it afterwards), and the birthday girl was delighted to have something to open from each sibling.

I hadn't thought of doing this for the grown-ups in the family, though. Great idea!

Nikki said...

Crystal, I certainly understand about not wanting to bring more "stuff" into the house, especially right now with our moving soon. I'm trying to declutter, but I thought this was worth it.

Nikki said...

Anne, I'm glad that your children had lots of fun buying gifts for each other! And thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!