Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Laura and I have engaged some family friends of ours to give our children swimming lessons. Both of the girls are teenagers, and I think this is giving them some experience while we all have a good time.

Here is the whole group.

Sarah Beth and Daniel waiting for their turn and enjoying playing in the water.

Sarah Beth laughing at Laura's oldest's antics. I firmly believe in positive peer pressure, and it is a very good thing for Sarah Beth.

Daniel about to blow bubbles. Yea! They're both putting their faces in the water.

Rachel patiently waiting her turn. After the lesson, Laura and I can get in with the younger children and play, too.

Sarah Beth's turn. She's about to go into the pool and do something (I don't remember what.)

We have such a good time at these lessons, and the children are learning something very important: how to swim. I don't care if they never really do much in the water, but I want them to be able to swim if they should fall in.

How are you spending your summer days?

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Laura said...

So much fun!! I had planned to blog about this today too. We'll see if I actually do it. :)